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Objecting to Rugby Borough Council's Local Plan which includes the Lodge Farm Village proposal is the most important thing we can do between now and the 11th of January 2017.

A few points to remember:

- Every individual objection matters - so object with your whole family, separately, to gather the maximum amount of objections;

- Once you have objected on a particular subject matter, you can object later (until the 11th of January 2017) on a different matter should you choose to, each objection counts;

- Objections relating specifically to a sustainability criteria, or referring to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) weigh more heavily than objections based on personal feeling, but an objection is better than no objection;

- Our slideshow below provides sample objections based on sustainability criteria and the NPPF.

Ways to object:

- Online: Click this link to file your objection directly on RBC's own website.

- On the RBC form: Download the attached PDF objection form, print it, and fill it out by hand (black pen preferred)

- By letter - see out sample letters below.

Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that you have objected in one of these 2 ways so that we can keep track of the number of objections being lodged.

Where to send your objections:

By Post:

Development Strategy,

Growth and Investment Services

Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall

Evereux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR

By Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sample Objections:

Many more objection points and criteria can be found on the objections page here.

For ready made letters which you can download see our sample objection letters below which you can print, add your name, address and signature at the bottom. Please note - name address and signature are needed.

Alternatively change the letters and write them in your own words. Remember you can send more than one, as long as you object on different grounds.


Sample Letter Content  
Sample Letter 1: Poverty, Amenities, Health, Affordable Housing, Flood Risk. Download MS Word Format Letter
Sample Letter 2: Sustainable Transport, Flood Risk, Affordable Housing, Amenities Download MS Word Format Letter
Sample Letter 3: Amenities, Culture, Flood Risk, Sustainable Transport Download MS Word Format Letter
Sample Letter 4: All objection points in one letter. Download MS Word Format Letter


Objection Guide:

Our objection guide below is aimed at people who would like to write their own objections, from their own experience or with their own ideas. It helps you understand the methodology, scoring criteria for the sustainability assesment and it also contains various objection points developed by our planning consultants.

This objection guide should assist you in understanding why it's important to object using the NPPF and sustainability assesment, as well as giving you objection sample templates that you can copy word for word, or write in your own words.

You can view the Objection Guide slideshow below, or you can Download a PDF here