The upcoming week marks a major landmark in the timeframe for our campaign: Rugby Borough Council is opening up it's consultation period from the 25th of September to the 11th of November. This means that now, officially, any objections we send in will have to be taken into account.

This is also an extremely busy week, when we are counting on your support, now more than ever:

Wednesday 28th September - Dunchurch Village Hall - 7:30PM we will be providing the first update since the publication of the draft plan. There are a number of key developments you need to know which will be dealt with at the meeting.

Thursday 29th September - Grandborough Village Hall - 7pm - Rugby Borough Council's planning officers and other officials will be there to listen to our views and answer questions. This is a critical event - where we need every single person that can make it, to come and tell officers that this proposal is unacceptable! Bring family, friends, neighbours. Please ensure you are able to make this critical event. EVERY voice WILL COUNT, and your objections WILL BE RECORDED.

Saturday 1st October - Tollgate Farm (off A45) - 11:00 Massive Protest Rally against Lodge Farm - we will be joined by the BBC, ITV, Rugby FM and various newspaper outlets, as well as the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Wright M.P. (Attorney General).  Come join us and show your support, as well as sign a petition urging the council to remove Lodge Farm from the Local Plan and extend the consultation period.

Braking News:

a) Lodge Farm has grown from 1500 houses to nearly 1800 in it's current location - according to the site assessment provided by the council.

b) Lodge Farm has additional development land proposed North of the A45 with an additional 118HA bringing the total development to circa 600 acres and nearly 4000 homes! The map below comes from the RBC plan additional documents. In the Council's availability assessment the site North of the A45 "Site is in agricultural use. Intention of landowner to develop. Site is considered available for development."

c) IF we do nothing, we could expect the first homes to be in place on or before 2020.

If you had any doubt that this site will grow - I would urge you to erase those doubts now.

If you had any doubts that this site will impact YOU and YOUR family - I urge you to consider what 4000 homes, 9000 people, 6000 cars will do to our roads, countryside, secondary school spaces, property values, GP surgery, hospital beds, policing and more.

Please share this email with everyone you know and urge them to join us this week! We cannot win this without your help.