And just when you thought this nightmare was going to let up a bit, it's back on: RBC has tonight voted to extend the consultation period from 30th November 2016 until 11th January 2017. This means that you can continue sending letters and objections in to the council anytime until the 11th of January. You do not need to wait until the 30th of November.

Is this a victory? In some ways Yes - in other ways No. The council did yield to a level of pressure in extending the consultation period - but only because they realised they have unfinished business and they want to revise their plan and add additional documents to ensure it does not fall apart at the public examination. In other words - they are not doing us any favours.

But we will not relent, we will continue to pressure and lobby the council politically, as well as generating additional objections. Please keep writing objections and keep sending them in.

The consultation period is now over and SALFV has raised and delivered over 2000 objections to the Local Plan, requesting that Lodge Farm (DS10) be removed. In addition, a petition with over 1600 signatures was delivered requesting an extension to the illegal consultation period and the removal of Lodge Farm.

Our team can be seen here carrying in the objections! Well done everyone, thank you for taking the time to write your objections - it has and will make a real difference.


411 years ago, a group of gentlemen dissatisfied with the politics of the day and led by a Warwickshire native set about changing the status quo via extreme methods.  Although SALFV were joined on the steps of Rugby Town Hall today by Guy Fawkes, the only explosive element of proceedings was the sheer volume of signatures (1667) on the petition calling for Rugby Borough Council to remove Lodge Farm from the Draft Local Plan and extend the Consultation beyond the 6 weeks minimum period permissible by law.  697 completed objection forms and letters of objection accompanied the petition, adding further fuel to the Lodge Farm (DS10) bonfire.

Councillor Stokes (Leader of Rugby Borough Council), Councillor Timms (Portfolio Holder for Growth and Investment) and Mr Back (Head of Growth and Investment) had been invited to meet with SALFV at 11am to receive the petition.  Not one of these public servants acknowledged this invitation for constructive dialogue with their council tax-paying residents and SALFV were directed to deliver the petition to the Customer Service Advisers in the Reception Area at Rugby Town Hall.

While passing motorists showed their support for SALFV by sounding their horns, David Thompson (SALFV Chairman) addressed the watching press and assembled crowd. David briefly summarised SALFV's objections against the Lodge Farm proposal, notably:

  • Lodge Farm is unsustainable
  • Lodge Farm would be an intrusive incursion into the countryside.
  • Lodge Farm will increase traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Lodge Farm will increase flooding risk.
  • Lodge Farm will not deliver affordable housing.

and invited all Rugby Borough Councillors to join with SALFV in rejecting the Lodge Farm proposal outright.

Later, as SALFV supporters quietly and patiently waited in the Reception Area, a Planning Officer was contacted who kindly acknowledged the receipt of the petition (1667 signatures) and also 697 completed objection forms and letters of objection. Once safe delivery of the petition and objections was complete, SALFV supporters dispersed throughout Rugby Borough and West Northamptonshire. While some progressed via Dunchurch, passing "Guy Fawke's House", there were no incendiary moments and certainly no horse-rustling at Warwick Castle (unlike the Gunpowder Plotters of 1605!).

In addition to being under threat from the proposed unsustainable Lodge Farm (DS10) development, the historic hamlet of Woolscott in Warwickshire is expected to pay annual Wroth Silver dues of 1/2p (old money) each year to His Grace The Duke of Buccleuch! While this hasn't been a legal requirement since the start of the nineteenth century, the custom prevails and penalty for forfeiture in Woolscott's case is a further payment of 50p in old money or a White Bull with red ears and a red nose!

Thankfully, Woolscott avoided penury once more when the monies due were settled at the Wroth Silver Ceremony on Knightlow Hill near Stretton-on-Dunsmore early this morning, leaving more time for residents of the surrounding areas to focus on the dismissal of the Lodge Farm (DS10) from Rugby Borough Council's Draft Local Plan.

Objections to Lodge Farm have been landing thick and fast. The last Objection Workshop, held in Grandborough Village Hall on Thursday 10th November was a great success and saw attendance from Dunchurch, Onley, Barby, Woolscott, Grandborough, Willoughby and Braunston. Numerous high-quality objections were completed due the course of the evening and collated with objections against Lodge Farm received in recent days from all over Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Coventry, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and many other places throughout the British Isles.

Our SALFV Volunteers treat each objection form or letter with great care and can be seen below delivering the objections received during the last Objection Workshop to the Town Hall on Evreux Way in Rugby.

Everything that we have worked for over the past two months has now come down to this: Writing Objections to the Local Plan. 

Tonight we have held an excellent session of objection writing at Willoughby Village Hall where participants learned about the Local Plan, and how to write effective objections that matter when it comes to the public examination.

We are holding a further drop in session all day Thursday at Grandborough Village Hall from 9AM to 9PM. Drop in ANYTIME during those hours, bring family, friends and neighbours, as every objection and every signature counts. 10 minutes of your time means one extra objection written, and another nail in the proverbial coffin of Lodge Farm Village.