IF we do nothing, we could expect the first homes to be in place in or before 2020.

If you had any doubt that this site will grow - erase those doubts now.  If you had any doubts that this site will impact YOU and YOUR family - consider what 4000 homes, 9000 people, 6000 cars will do to our roads, countryside, secondary school spaces, property values, GP surgery, hospital beds, policing and more.


10 reasons why Lodge Farm Village is a Really Bad Idea:

  1. Building in open countryside is the next to last resort (right before green belt) so why is it even considered?
  2. 1,500 residences and 3600 residents will make it the largest village to date in the Borough of Rugby. Do we need a whole new village in the open countryside?
  3. Once Lodge Farm Village is built, it is only a matter of time before Dunchurch and Lodge Farm become a seamless town through infill, completely removing the rural environment enjoyed today.
  4. The road infrastructure is already a bottleneck and traffic will increase exponentially (3-5000 cars) at Dunchurch and through the villages of Grandborough, Willoughby, Barby, Flecknoe and Braunston.
  5. The positioning of the village will be on the wrong side of Rugby for access to the town and motorway networks.
  6. The planned site is a known flood plain, and therefore falls foul of Rugby Borough Council’s own policy: "Planning permission will not be granted for development, which would prejudice…. Land that is demonstrated as required for flood risk management."
  7. Dunchurch already has air quality standards that at times of peak traffic fail minimum national standards. Such a large additional volume of traffic will only serve to worsen air quality and impact on resident’s heath.  "There is an Air Quality Management Area existing within Rugby Town to monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide. In 2014 two monitoring locations exceeded the annual mean NO2 objective, these were at Dun Cow, Dunchurch and the Webb Ellis Pub, Corporation Street.” (excerpt from the 2016 Rugby Draft Plan)
  8. We do not need these additional houses. Rugby only needs 9,600 homes to sustain it’s growth over the next 20 years, and the Draft Plan identifies sites for 13,600.
  9. Rugby Borough Council also wants to help Coventry City Council who is finding it hard to identify sites without using their own green belt or countryside with an additional 2,800 homes. (Isn’t that nice of them to use our countryside so that Coventry doesn’t have to use theirs?)
  10. Building the largest "modern/contemporary" village in Rugby Borough (with it’s own identity) next to Woolscott and Grandborough, in addition to destroying the rural aspect of the villages and surrounding countryside, will fundamentally change the rural farming life in these villages.